Anna Garbutt

Giant African Land Snails

12 Giant African Land Snails have come into rescue. They are low maintenance pets to keep, but the soil does need turning daily and any eggs removed and frozen. They eat fruit and vegetables (dandelions, leafy vegetables, bananas etc) They must have a piece of cuttlefish put into their environment […]




Bella is a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel, originally imported from Lithuania as a tiny puppy. As Bella got older her owners noticed that her eyes looked a bit odd and as she matured, she started to get reactive if anything made her jump. She developed Entropian (her eyelashes grew […]

Stan and Chickadee

Stan is a 6 year old domestic shorthair. He came into rescue when he was about 4 years old after being abandoned in a property when his owners moved out and he did find a lovely home, but was returned when his owner lost her home. Chickadee is a 5 […]



50 rats

We have 50 rats looking for homes. Males and females – some are babies, but we also have adults. Some are easy to handle, whilst others need more experienced handlers. Please contact us for more information. We ask for a donation of whatever you can afford. Located in Old Coulsdon, […]


This is Teddy who is our exempt dog. Shortly before arriving into rescue he bit a stranger when she suddenly tried to kiss him in the face. This person reported him to the police and he was seized as a dangerous dog and taken to the status dogs unit. He […]




This is Buddy who was seen being beaten with a plank of wood round his head by his previous owner. Although it was reported, the police saw it as hearsay and couldn’t do anything about it. Shortly afterwards he was found straying and nobody claimed him. Buddy has extreme behavioural […]


Bumble and Bee

Bumble and Bee Approx DOB: October 2009 Some of you may recognise these two! Bumble and Bee have boomeranged in and out of homes their whole lives. They were recently returned to rescue due to no fault of their own. They are now elderly bunnies, and their next home will […]


Three ferrets

The Pink Ladies – Sandy, Rizzo and Marty A little nippy but not too bad for teenagers! We ask for a donation of £25 per ferret. Furry Friends Animal Rescue Tel: 02084071080/07973569371 Email: