Rabbits make wonderful pets, but also easily find themselves in rescue; usually when owners or their children are bored of them. They require more attention and care than one would think, and need the companionship of other rabbits – For this reason, we will only home in pairs or groups, but we will assist you in the bonding process if required.

These inquisitive creatures are cute, have tons of personality and are looking for a lovely, spacious hutch with a minimum size of 5’x2’x2′ depending on the size of the rabbit.

Please note that all rabbit adoptions are subject to a discussion about their habitat and care, and you will be asked to pay an minimum adoption fee of £40. All of our rabbits are fully vaccinated, neutered, wormed and have had a checkup from our vet. While this minimum adoption fee helps, it barely covers the cost of this vet bill, alongside the other costs of ensuring the animals in our care are healthy and looked after.


PB is a female spayed rabbit aged at approx 2 years old. She is a Lionhead Lop. PB was found dumped on The Mayhew Animal Home’s doorstep and they named her Peanut Butter. The Mayhew do not rehome rabbits so she came here. She loves people and is a cheeky […]



Bumble and Bee

Bumble and Bee Approx DOB: October 2009 Some of you may recognise these two! Bumble and Bee have boomeranged in and out of homes their whole lives. They were recently returned to rescue due to no fault of their own. They are now elderly bunnies, and their next home will […]