Small Animals

Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they are any less deserving of a loving home. We rescue rats, chinchillas, mice, hamster, degus, gerbils and more!

Please note that all small animal adoptions are subject to a discussion on their habitat and care, and you will be asked to pay an adoption fee, which is listed on each animal’s adoption page. All of our small animals have had a checkup from our vet, and some are neutered, depending on the species. While an adoption fee helps, it barely covers the cost of our vet bills, alongside the other costs of ensuring the animals in our care are healthy and looked after.


Charlie is looking for a home! He is a single neutered male degus (2 years old) who has been castrated but cannot live with other males. Therefore he would like to meet a wife or even some wives! He is silent at the moment and that is not how a […]