How You Can Help

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on help from the public to ensure that we can keep on rescuing as many at risk animals as possible and there are many ways that you can help.

Monetary Donations

We are part of the Easy Fundraising scheme. By accessing your favourite online shops by signing up to the service participating retailers will donate money to us at no extra charge to you! Alternatively, instead of using Google to search for websites, if you use the EasySearch search engine, we will receive a share of the advertising revenue.

Furry Friends Sanctuary Animals

Some animals come to us with behavioural problems or medical issues that mean they would have difficulty adjusting to a new home. We also get elderly animals come to us that stay with us for life as the upheaval from rescue to a new home would be detrimental to their wellbeing. In these circumstances, the animals become sanctuary animals and will stay with us at the rescue for the rest of their lives. However if the correct home comes along then the some of the sanctuary animals will be homed, but we do not actively seek for homes for them

Furry Friends is strictly non destruct and we will only euthanise an animal if they are suffering and our vet agrees that the animal cannot be treated. Once we have taken an animal in, we will stick by it even if it has baggage, as we feel that every animal deserves a chance at happiness.

Because we rely on donations to continue our work, we are appealing for people to give £2 a month (or whatever they can afford) to help us with the upkeep of our sanctuary animals. The money will go directly on their care

Amazon Wishlist

Would you like to send a gift to the animals in our care? We have a regularly updated Amazon Wishlist, filled with all sorts of goodies and essentials for our animals – Simply browse the list and if you find something there that you think our animals would like, add it to your Basket, purchase it and it will be delivered straight to us. Please note, it doesn’t tell us who purchased these items, so by all means; let us know!

Contribute To Our Vet & Food Costs

If rescue meant simply vaccinating, neutering and microchipping every animal and sending them off to their new home, our lives would be relatively easy – although just doing that costs the rescue just under £250 per dog. Sadly that is not what rescue is all about and many animals that turn up have medical issues that are not quick and easy to fix. Even worse, some cases have a lot of money thrown at them with outcomes that we do not want. We will never limit the the treatment provided to animals in our care, no matter what the financial cost – But to carry on doing that, we need your help.

Food costs are also overlooked. With so many animals in our care, the cost of ensuring they are well fed can also be expensive – For example, here’s the minimum costs for us at the moment.

Dogs – Tinned and dry food = £85 per week
Cats – Tinned and dry food = £35 per week
Rabbits – Feed/hay/straw = £40 per week
Small caged animals – Feed/bedding = £25 per week.

We are asking our supporters if they could manage to commit to just £1 per month (or whatever you can afford) to help pay for our ongoing costs. £1 is an amount that most people would not miss, yet if we get enough people to become involved then we can hopefully clear a big chunk of our ever-growing costs monthly so that we can help save more lives and keep our main outgoings at a sensible amount.

Furry Friends Animal Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue and will always remain that way. We are all voluntary and we do not profit on any animals that comes into our care. To contribute to our ongoing costs, you can set up a standing order to our bank account. Our details are;