DOB – Feb – 2012
Hope is a Staffie x Whippet who has a condition called Pulmonary Stenosis.
Although she still has a heart problem, a small miracle has happened!
What was supposed to happen with the the condition was that as she grew, the narrowed artery was supposed to get narrower and cause heart failure.
She is now fully grown and she recently had a heart scan to see where we were at with the progress of the heart issue. Instead of the expected happening, the artery has grown with her heart, so although still narrow, it has adapted as she grew.
We were able to get her spayed at a year old and it has been confirmed that she could have many years left in her now.
Hope arrived with us from Nottingham after an urgent appeal went out for her. She had been found as a stray, but never claimed and the pound vet confirmed that she did have a Grade 4 heart murmur. The pound knew that the chances of her finding a rescue placement was slim, but agreed to give her a few extra days to see if anybody would come forward. We ok’d her 2 days before she was due to die.
On arrival Hope was very thin and had a very bad stomach bug which caused her horrendous diarrhoea. It was a very hard to shift bug but we got there in the end and that is when she started to weight gain. She is now at the ideal weight for her size.
She had signs of a flea allergy at some stage in her life. You could see where she had nibbled some hair away on her back. We retreated her for fleas/mange and also wormed her.
When Hope first arrived she got on well with the other dogs here, but she then came into season and started to get snappy with them, so now has a room of the house to herself, which she loves!
Hope’s exercise regime is very strict. She can only have a maximum of two walks per day lasting about half an hour. These walks need to be done in seclusion and away from other dogs.
Normally I would be pushing her socialising, but any extreme excitement could exhaust her, so we steer clear of other dogs here because we want her to have an enjoyable and stress free time.
It is very important that Hope is kept onlead for her walks. She can trot on an extendable lead when in fields, but she cannot race around.
Hope is wary of strangers but extremely cuddly and affectionate with her handler. Her favourite hobby is to lay curled up next to you on the sofa. She will snooze for hours on your lap. She loves human contact and is a joy to have around the house.
Hope bonds strongly with her handler, and due to her issues, we have decided to keep her as a sanctuary animal.
She needs incurin daily as she has urinary incontinence.
Hope is part of our Sanctuary Animals scheme, in which we look after animals that cannot be rehomed due to medical or behavioural issues. If you would like to contribute to the welfare of the animals in this scheme, we are appealing for people to contribute £2 a month via (or whatever you can afford) via Standing Order, to ensure these animals are safe and well looked after for their rest of their lives. 
If you would like to donate, our bank details are;
Account name: Furry Friends Animal Rescue
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You can also donate via Paypal to; Adrs@aol.com Thank you.